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About : Unfair Mario 2

Get ready to test your reflexes and patience with Unfair Mario 2! This installment of the series offers longtime fans new and unexpected challenges. Therefore, if you liked the sound and look of the game before, but now you are looking for something more exciting, then this is the right choice for you! Unfair Mario 2 is a brand new hidden obstacle game genre featuring the most beloved hero in the entire gaming industry. Remember that nothing is like it looks and you should continue to be extra careful when helping Mario complete all the challenges.


As always, Mario is on an adventure again. The game consists of five levels that will test your reflexes, memory and perseverance. Your goal is simple: collect as many points as you can when you get to the end of the level. All kinds of deadly traps and invisible obstacles will be placed in different places in each level and the only option to beat the game is to memorize the exact location and type of obstacles so that when you Reload the level so it can be dodged. When you reach a flag, raise it to save your position as a checkpoint. Don't worry, the flag is not a trap.


This Unfair Mario 2 game is very unforgiving. Can you believe there are no extra lives or rewards for your character? Unfortunately, you will have to face the difficulties of each level on your own without any outside help. Get ready for some new challenges!


Left and right arrows to move
Up arrow to jump

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