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About : Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness

Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness is a mod for the popular rhythm-based indie game, Friday Night Funkin'. Developed by a fan of both Friday Night Funkin' and the iconic Super Mario franchise, this mod combines elements of both games to create a unique and engaging experience for players. In the mod, players take on the role of the game's protagonist, Boyfriend, as he navigates a series of musical battles against various characters from the Mario universe. These characters include Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and more, each with their own distinct musical style and personality.


The gameplay mechanics of Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness remain similar to the base game. Players must hit arrow keys on their keyboard in time with the music to help Boyfriend in his rap battles against his opponents. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases, testing your rhythm and reflexes. The mod features catchy remixes of iconic Mario tunes and introduces new original songs, adding a fresh musical experience to the game. The graphics and visuals have also been modified to integrate Mario-themed elements, making the game feel like a crossover between Friday Night Funkin' and Super Mario.


Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness offers a fun and challenging mod for fans of both Friday Night Funkin' and the Super Mario franchise. It provides an exciting twist to the rhythm gameplay, with familiar characters and catchy tunes. If you enjoy rhythm games and want to experience the fusion of two beloved game franchises, this mod is definitely worth checking out.


Use arrow keys or WASD to play.

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