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About : Cat Mario

Cat Mario is a popular online flash game that offers a unique twist to traditional Mario platform games. This is a parody of the classic Super Mario Bros game but is challenging and frustrating. In this game, players will control a cute little white cat instead of the iconic Mario character. Cat Mario is known for his dark humour, as players are often caught off guard by unexpected deaths and unfair obstacles. It requires quick reflexes, careful timing and trial and error to get through the levels. The game's difficulty level, combined with its unpredictable nature, makes it a favorite among gamers who enjoy challenging and unique platforming experiences.


The goal is to navigate through different levels filled with traps, enemies and obstacles to reach the flag at the end and complete the level. However, unlike traditional Mario games, Cat Mario is intentionally designed to be difficult and unpredictable. It is filled with endless challenges and pitfalls, only for the most experienced gamers. If you think you have what it takes, give it a try. The levels are filled with hidden traps, invisible blocks, fake power-ups, and unexpected enemy locations. This makes the game challenging and frustrating, often leading to sudden and unexpected deaths at every turn.


WASD/arrow keys or touch - move
F1 - reset
O - self-destruction
Esc - stop game

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