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About : Super Demo World: The Legend Continues

Super Demo World: The Legend Continues is a romhack of the classic Super Nintendo game Super Mario World. Released in 2007, it was created by a talented romhacker named FuSoYa as a sequel to his previous work titled "Super Demo World: The Legend of Mario."


Super Demo World: The Legend Continues offers players a brand new adventure in the Super Mario World universe. The game features an extensive 95-level campaign filled with platforming challenges, puzzles, secrets, and unique level designs. The levels are carefully crafted, offering a balanced mix of difficulty and creativity.


One of the standout features of Super Demo World: The Legend Continues is its non-linear progression. Unlike the original Super Mario World, players are given the freedom to explore levels in any order they choose. This allows for a more personalized experience, as players can tackle different challenges and discover varied secrets based on their preferred path.


In addition to the main levels, the game also includes a variety of bonus levels and secret exits to uncover, providing additional content and replay value. The romhack also introduces new power-ups, enemies, and music to enhance the gameplay experience.


Super Demo World: The Legend Continues maintains the same classic graphics and gameplay mechanics as the original Super Mario World, capturing the nostalgic charm that made the game so beloved. However, it adds a fresh twist with its unique level designs and non-linear progression, offering a new and exciting adventure for fans of the original game.


Overall, Super Demo World: The Legend Continues is a well-crafted romhack that provides a challenging and enjoyable experience for fans of the Super Mario World series. Its blend of nostalgia and creativity makes it a must-play for anyone looking to revisit the classic Super Nintendo era.


Enter: selection
S: Start
Arrow keys: move
Z: Jump

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