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About : Mario Combat Deluxe

Mario Combat Deluxe (aka Mario Combat 2) is the sequel to the fun-filled Mario fighting game series. The Koopa turtles have threatened Mario's territory for too long. Mario has lived with fear for so long that his dear Princess Peach will be taken away one day! And now he is determined to stand up against these Koopas. Help Mario overcome all the difficulties along the way especially the Koopa turtles. Mario is not in the mood to spare enemies everywhere, anyone who gets in the way must be eliminated. While running and jumping across platforms to progress through different levels of the game, Mario will require kicking, punching and attacking enemies with different powers. Do you really believe that you can kill Koopa turtles with a single hit and streamlined food?


Your lifespan is shown at the top of the screen, along with your score. Monitor the health situation to come up with the most appropriate strategies in accordance with the character's health situation. The missions become more difficult and the number of opponents increases as the gameplay progresses. Complete each level and get closer and closer to expelling evil from your territory!


Use arrow keys to move.
Key "A" to jump.
"S" key to attack.
"D" key for special attack.

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