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About : Super Mario Geometry Dash

Super Mario enters the world of Geometry Dash in the Super Mario Geometry Dash game level. In this level, Super Mario Bros will be represented by a red and bearded cube, the player must try to make it pass all the obstacles on the way to save the princess at the end of the level! Super Mario Geometry Dash is an unblocked html5 game emulated to play online on your browser (Ex: Chrome, Firefox) for free, no download required on any device, playable on pc , your phone or tablet. This
game is also unlimited [unlocked] to play at home, school or anywhere and it is one of the best Geometry Dash games with lots of fun that can be played on any device, game This game has been chosen by many players as their favorite game, give it a try and we hope you enjoy it!


Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings
In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down
Hit a yellow pad to jump high
Hit a blue pad to jump higher (missing a gravity portal)
For bonus points, collect the coins
Press L to toggle effects (to reduce lag)

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