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Super Mario (also known as Super Mario Bros and Mario) is a series of platform games created by Nintendo starring the mascot Mario. It is the central series of the larger Mario series. There are more than 20 games in the series. From its inception, the Super Mario Series received a standing ovation from both critics and audiences. In 1999, Next Generation listed the Mario series at number 3 in their "50 Greatest Games of All Time".


There's hardly anyone on this planet who hasn't heard of the jumpsuit-wearing Italian plumber named Mario. Mario has come a long way since he entered our consciousness through his general appearance which hasn't changed much in the past two decades. However, few people know that Mario is not even the main character in his first appearance in the video game. Most importantly, he's not even a plumber and he's not Mario.


He made his debut in 1981 in a pioneering arcade game called Donkey Kong. The character's name is Jumpman and he is a carpenter. Jumpman must jump over the crates thrown by Donkey Kong to save the girl in distress, who is later called the Princess. Based on the game Jumpman, Mario has come a long way since then. Over the past three decades, he has appeared in more than two hundred video games and also featured in hundreds of other titles.


And to this day, the game still receives great attention and love around the world and is considered the main symbol of video game history. Super Mario is one of the best-selling video game franchises, having sold more than 380 million units worldwide as of 2021. Since Mario's first release on Nintendo, Mario and his brother Luigi have achieved legendary status in the gaming world. This classic platformer has paved the way for the platform genre and a host of modern titles. If you have a Nintendo Switch or 3D, you can enjoy classic video games like Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros, and Mario Kart. Without these consoles, you can play Mario games for free on your PC or mobile device. And now, you can play this game online for free on our website.


Super Mario gameplay


The game is set in the fantasy land of the Mushroom Kingdom after Mario arrives via a clay pipe from New York City. In the Mushroom Kingdom, a tribe of turtle-like creatures known as the Koopa Army invades the kingdom. They use the magic of their leader Bowser to turn Mushrooms into inanimate objects such as bricks, stones, and horsehair. Bowser and his army also kidnap Princess Toadstool. Princess Toadstool is the only one capable of reversing Bowser's spell. After learning the news, Mario sets out to save the princess and free the kingdom from Bowser.


When playing, the player will assume the role of Mario and have to go through the Mushroom Kingdom. Players will move from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen to reach the flagpole at the end of each round. Mario must reach the flagpole at the end of each level to survive the forces of the villain Bowser and save Princess Toadstool to win. There are coins scattered throughout the game that need to be collected. There are also special bricks with question marks that reveal more coins and other special items once hit.


Along the way, Mario will encounter many obstacles. Try to avoid and destroy them by jumping over them or jumping over them. Jump on platforms and enemies while avoiding enemy attacks and moving to the right of the scrolling screen. After traveling through various parts of the kingdom and battling Bowser's forces along the way, Mario reached Bowser's final stronghold. Defeat Bowser by smashing the ax into the bridge suspended over the lava he's standing on, breaking the bridge, freeing the princess, and saving the Mushroom Kingdom. Attention, you only have three times to survive, otherwise you will have to return to the starting point.


Super Mario's Attacks


Mario's main attack is to jump on top of enemies. With this attack, each enemy will react differently. Example: It can crush and destroy Goomba. However, Koopa Troopa will temporarily retract into its shell, and Mario can use it as a bullet. But be careful, they can destroy enemies or bounce back to damage Mario. So be careful and avoid it as soon as possible.


Other enemies, such as underwater enemies and enemies with spikes, cannot jump up and deal damage to the player. The only thing Mario has to do when going through here is to jump over and make sure not to fall if he wants to survive.


Support items


The impressive point of the Super Mario Game is that in addition to the dangers and enemies that are always lurking, he will receive rewards along the way. Special bricks with question marks will reveal more coins and other special items after the player takes the lead and breaks the brick.


"Fire Flower": when Mario jumps up and touches the bricks with the character "?". This will unlock an item that is a flower. Collect that flower, which when picked up changes Super Mario's outfit color and allows him to throw fireballs at enemies and collect coins.


"Starman": an anthropomorphized flashing star. Picking up the star makes the character temporarily invincible, and resistant to all dangers, and he can destroy enemies with a simple tap. Upon acquiring this item, Mario defeats any enemy that comes into contact with it. However, this is a temporary form so use your newly acquired powers quickly! Run fast to the finish line before this power disappears.


“Super Mushroom”: After collecting him, Mario will be twice his size and can break bricks above him. In addition, this level also has a huge advantage: when hit in this mode, he will return to normal Mario instead of dying.


In addition, in the game, there are bonuses and secret areas. Most secret areas contain more coins for Mario to collect. However, some areas contain "vertical pipes" that allow Mario to advance directly to worlds later in the game without completing the alternate stages. How far can you help legendary Italian plumber and mushroom enthusiast Mario in his adventure through a world full of pipes, gold coins, boxes, and naughty Goombas? Enjoy and leave comments. Thank!



W, A, S, D keys or arrows [↑ → ↓ ←] to move, to jump higher hold the button.

Use Shift/CTRL to Fire/Sprint. P - pause, M - mute.

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