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About : Drift Boss

Drift Boss is an exciting online game where players can develop their drifting skills on a challenging track. In this game, you become a drifting boss who must show your mastery of drifting techniques to complete different missions and unlock new levels. Drift Boss offers a unique and exciting racing experience. Players will take on the role of a racer, participating in dramatic races with their car. The main goal of the game is to perform technical drifts to score high scores.


The gameplay is simple but addictive. Players must control their car, sliding sideways and maintaining control as they race around corners and navigate obstacles. Points are awarded for successfully drifting and avoiding collisions with barriers or other cars on the track. As you progress in the game, you will encounter different challenges, such as time trials, performance tests, or drifting in tight spaces. Each successful completion of a mission earns you money, which can be used to upgrade your car or unlock new routes and vehicles. The game has a beautiful graphic interface and vivid sound, along with a score and victory system. Players can also challenge friends and other opponents around the world to see who will become the true Drift Boss.


Press the left mouse button or the space key to drift to the right.

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