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Similar to previous Vex versions, In Vex 7 you have to pass levels by running, jumping over obstacles while avoiding many deadly traps, spikes and even dangerous swimming pools. You start your adventure in the level map. Even this map takes the form of a deadly platform maze full of traps and obstacles, and you'll have to find the entry point to level 1 to get started in earnest. The popular platform game is back with Vex 7 and many new levels! Survive 9 terrifying actions, jump from platform to platform, avoid countless traps, go paragliding, ziplining and much more! As you progress, new game mechanics are added, making Vex 7's gameplay rich and technical.


VEX 7 is the newest addition in this stickman-parkour platformer series! Jump and slide your stickman through 9 New Actions. Use parkour moves to jump over deadly obstacles with your stickman. Avoid spikes, shooting knives and falling blocks. Use the double jump potion to go places you couldn't before and avoid laser-enabled security cameras. Maintain your life by practicing and using many parkour techniques over and over. Getting high scores in levels and completing daily challenges is the best method to earn money. Tap the red flags to turn them green. These are checkpoints. If you die, you will respawn at the last checkpoint you activated.


WASD or ARROW KEYS = run and jump
S or the DOWN arrow = enter a level
Press and hold S or DOWN while running = SLIDE
SPACE = break blocks and attack enemies
MOUSE = select menu buttons

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