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Vex 5 - a classic platformer game with many different obstacles, this part offers some of the most difficult obstacles. Vex is an action runner game with roguelike elements. Vex 5 has 10 levels, each of which is more and more complex and challenging than the previous one. To complete Vex level 5 means learning to accept defeat. Because you will constantly be decapitated by spikes and spinning blades. Through this difficult experience you find out how to master the level. Then you are moved to the next level to do it all again. It sounds simple but it is not easy to do for newbies.


This installment of the wildly popular and addictive Vex series! This jumping game will put you in the middle of a crazy journey with everything from super sharp spinning blades to zip lines that stretch on dangerous jumps. The key to success in Vex is observing and studying patterns of obstacles. Take your time and execute your moves with great precision. The game's fast-paced gameplay will require you to complete a variety of missions to rescue civilians from the threat. Vex 5 offers a virtual trophy cabinet with 4 types of achievements to earn. Trophies can be earned for completing an action perfectly or dying too many times. There are also difficult achievements including finding hidden stars in each level.


As always, good luck and have fun!


PRESS THE LEFT ARROW or A to run left.
PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW or D to run right.
PRESS THE DOWN ARROW or S to crouch, descend, or slide while running.
PRESS THE UP ARROW or W to jump or climb.

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