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About : Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World is a platformer style action adventure game. This game revolves around the main character, Oliver, a small character capable of jumping high and fighting enemies. In Super Oliver World, the player will be led through a series of levels ranging from the green fields to deep caves and even dangerous castles. The main objective of the player is to help Oliver overcome obstacles, collect coins and destroy enemies to rescue the princess. Throughout the journey, Oliver will encounter many different types of enemies, including monsters, evil station chiefs and final bosses. Beware of monsters, and thorny flowers on the ground as well as in the air, if you touch them, you will lose your life once. Players can destroy enemies by jumping on top of them or using special weapons, like rocks or boomberangs. Collect gold coins, find power-ups and start your adventure right now!

Super Oliver World game is a Mario style adventure game. Here's how to play this game:

1. Move: Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move Oliver in the game.
2. Jump: Use the Spacebar to jump over obstacles and enemies. You can jump higher if you press the Spacebar a second time while Oliver is in space.
3. Collect coins: During the game, try to collect as many coins as possible. Coins can be found along the way, inside gift boxes or after defeating enemies. Coins can be used to buy useful items.
4. Defeat enemies: To defeat enemies, jump on top of them or jump up and hit them from above. Avoid direct collision with enemies, because if you collide with them, you will lose one plated


A or left arrow key = move left
D or right arrow key = move right
W or Z or up arrow key = jump
X or J = shoot

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