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Super Mario Halloween is a festive twist on the classic Super Mario game series, designed specifically for the Halloween season. In this game, players control Mario as he navigates through spooky levels filled with eerie mushrooms. However, instead of jumping on them, Mario has a new ability: shooting fire bullets! As Mario progresses through the haunted levels, he can collect power-ups that enable him to shoot fire bullets from his hands. These fire bullets can be used to defeat the mushrooms, turning them into harmless ashes. Be careful though, as the mushrooms might have tricks up their sleeves!


The game incorporates Halloween-themed visuals, such as dark and atmospheric backgrounds, jack-o'-lanterns, and other spooky elements. Additionally, the game features haunting music and sound effects that add to the Halloween ambiance. Super Mario Halloween offers an exciting and unique experience for fans of both Super Mario and Halloween. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure, shooting fire bullets at those mischievous mushrooms!


Move the fire bullets and aim accurately so that you can topple the most mushrooms in one shot.

Note that you will have a limited number of shots so aim accurately.

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