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About : Super Mario Bros Riders

Take on a whole new challenge with Super Mario Bros Riders in the world of magical stars. Embark on this thrilling adventure with Mario and his friend Yoshi, traversing a world full of traps, magical stars. Riders is an unofficial Mario game developed by TaptapKing. This fan-made video game features beautiful graphics on par with the official Mario games.


This is a non-stop game with tons of obstacles. As you move forward, there will be dozens of obstacles ahead like spikes, monsters, traps and blocks. Try to dodge them all, Help Mario get to the castle at the end of each level safely and one step closer to rescuing the beautiful Princess Peach! Try to avoid spikes, water holes, If your character falls off the edge of the screen by falling into a hole or is left behind due to the constantly moving screen, you will be knocked down and will have to start begin again.


Try to collect lots of coins and other boosters along the way to exchange for exciting rewards. Using them, you can unlock new players like Luigi, Toad, and Toadette. Will you be able to beat the game and get to the end?


Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to jump high!

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