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About : Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 created by passionate and talented fans will immerse players in the most exciting entertainment experiences. This version is definitely one of the best Mario classic style remakes in flash available. Brand new graphics with fun and colorful art style, all drawn from scratch! A catchy original soundtrack full of original remixes and tunes! will entice players can not stop this journey.


When Princess Peach plans to throw a surprise party for Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario happily makes his way to the castle, makes a great time and starts reviewing all his skills (tutorial levels). Unfortunately, above, Bowser and his giant airship are planning to build Bowser's army for a new invasion. Bowser bursts in and begins his assault to destroy Mario and kidnap the princess. An unlocked door that Mario sees at the castle's main entrance, the race begins to recover the Shine Sprites and rescue Princess Peach... Riding a seagull or using a water jet propulsion, Go find Princess Peach and rescue her from the clutches of the nefarious Bowser.


Arrow keys: Move around/ jump/ dive
Z : Talk/Ground Pound
X: Spin Attack
C: Use Fludd
Shift: Switch Fludds
P: Pause Game
- Zoom Out
+ Zoom In

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