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About : Snake.io

Snake.io is a popular and fun online game where the player is tasked with controlling a snake and trying to survive and become the biggest snake in the game. The addictive classic arcade game Snake.io is upgraded to play unique online events. The player starts the game with a small snake and has to move around the map to eat food and increase in size. The snake will be in the rounds, the goal is to eat a lot of food and surpass the scores of other players, becoming the strongest big snake in this world.


As the snake eats more food, it will gradually become longer and stronger. However, danger is always lurking around the player. If the snake hits the edge of the map, hits another snake's body, or touches his own, the player is removed from the game and has to start over. Also, when a snake dies, all their points will be converted into balls worth 10 points each. So you have to make the other snakes collide head-on with your tail to get all their points. Playing with snakes can help improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time, as you'll have to act quickly to keep the snake from getting stabbed.


Change Direction: Mouse or WASD Keys or Arrow Keys
Speed Boost: Hold Left Mouse Click or Spacebar

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