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Do you love amazing bike racing games that overcome all difficult terrains? If yes, do not miss Moto X3M, this game promises to bring you the most amazing experiences. With 22 challenging yet addictive levels, Moto X3M delivers amazing racing with beautifully crafted levels on your computer or phone. Grab your motorbike, put on your helmet, and grab some airtime over the obstacles to beat the clock on awesome off-road laps.


In Moto X3M, Drive fast but be cautious when approaching new obstacles. Train to improve your skills and limit the number of errors on how to control your car. Each mistake is time-consuming and reduces the star rating awarded at the end of the level. Along the way, try to collect as many stars. The stars you earn for completing Moto X3M levels can be used to buy two new motorcycles. Stars are awarded at the end of each level, and players can earn 1 to 3 stars for each attempt. It is completely based on the player's time and each level will have a certain amount of time that the player must pass if he wants to achieve 3 stars. As you race to become the greatest cyclist ever and beat your friends, will you be able to handle the unique explosions and obstacles that each level offers? level or will you crash?


Press the up arrow key to accelerate
Balance your motorcycle with the left and right arrow keys
Brake by pressing down arrow key
Perform acrobatics and other stunts for extra time
Avoid causing an accident

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