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Introducing Mario FPS (First-Person Shooter), a unique take on the classic Mario franchise. This game combines the beloved characters and vibrant world of Mario with the fast-paced action and intense gameplay of a first-person shooter.

In Mario FPS, players step into the shoes of Mario as he embarks on a thrilling adventure across familiar landscapes like the Mushroom Kingdom, but with a twist. Rather than the traditional side-scrolling perspective, players experience the game from a first-person view, providing an immersive and exciting experience like never before.


As Mario, you will use an arsenal of iconic weapons, power-ups, and gadgets to take on enemies such as Goombas, Koopas, and other familiar foes. Blast through levels, navigate treacherous platforms, and engage in exciting combat encounters as you progress through the game.


The game also features exciting multiplayer modes, allowing you to compete or team up with friends in fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled battles. Engage in intense firefights, capture the flag, or work together in co-op missions to defeat powerful bosses.


Mario FPS offers stunning graphics, vibrant environments, and the same charming and whimsical art style that has made the Mario franchise so beloved for decades. The game's sound design remains true to the Mario universe, with iconic music and sound effects accompanying your every move.


Whether you're a long-time fan of the Mario series or a newcomer, Mario FPS offers a fresh and exciting way to experience the world of Mario. Get ready to jump, shoot, and explore like never before in this thrilling fusion of the classic Mario franchise and the action-packed world of first-person shooters.


Use WASD or arrow keys to hover
Use space bar to shoot or click to shoot

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