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About : Friday Night Funkin Vs. Hex Mod Full Week

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Hex Mod Full Week is one of the most popular FNF Mods and is considered quite difficult to overcome. Play as a basketball robot superstar who can actually sing surprisingly well in this amazing mod for FNF.


Battle against a mysterious cyborg in the Friday Night Funkin Vs. Hex Mod . Hex is a robot originally created by a lone rich businessman to befriend him. After this businessman died. He finds himself abandoned, he has become obsolete and has an underlying disease that is eating away at him.


When this cyborg character is participating in a basketball game in the yard. He met Boyfriend and Girlfriend who are spending time together. The robot Hex challenges the Boyfriend to a basketball game. Unfortunately, Boyfriend doesn't play basketball, so they decided to settle things with the next big thing - an epic rap match!


Unlike other mods, this game is simply challenging without any obvious ill intentions coming from Hex. Start an epic rap battle on 4 tracks plus a 5th bonus. Dunk, Ram, Hello World, Glitcher and Encore invite you to explore in the music and rhythm the fascinating story of Hex.


Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to play.

Press ESC to exit.

Click (+) OR (-) to increase the volume decreased.

Press Enter to start or pause.

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