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About : Friday Night Funkin: The X Event Full Week

Discover Friday Night Funkin: The X Event Full Week and its captivating atmosphere through the three songs Overwrite, InKing Mistake and Relighted. This game is a mod that adds both Xtale and Underverse interpretations of Undertale characters to Friday Night Funkin' / is an Undertale AU mod.

Time to pick up the mic again as we move into another Friday night! In this mod, our hero faces a new challenge for seven weeks. Not only does he have to impress his cartoon girlfriend, but he also has to do it with the characters from the popular top-down RPG Undertale.


Boyfriend and Girlfriend will once again be immersed in Undertale's universe, and battles will take place with three iconic characters from the game:
  • X!Chara is a character in Jael Peñaloza's XTale, also starring in Underverse. However X! Chara takes on a childish form instead of an adult form like in XTale and Underverse Seasons One and Two. He now appears in the mod Friday Night Funkin': X-Event as the first opponent. XChara creates its enchanting rhythms to challenge and make the most of Boyfriend difficulties.
  • Ink!Sans is the second character that Boyfriend has to confront directly. This person will not be moved by your talent. Defeating him is not easy.
  • The last character that needs to be confronted is XGaster. The character is equally tough, its ferociousness and super-fast Rock'n'roll version of Relighted will stun Boyfriend!


Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to play.

Press ESC to exit.

Click (+) OR (-) to increase the volume decreased.

Press Enter to start or pause.

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