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About : Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple

Explore the maze-like temple with two heroes and collect gems as you safely lead them to the exit in this new version of Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple. In this puzzle platformer, your mission is to help two elemental heroes find their way through an ancient and mysterious temple. To open the exit, you will have to collect all the gems. Fireboy and Watergirl have complementary powers, making them a real dream team. To survive each room of the temple, the heroes will have to work closely with each other. Press buttons, pull levers and flip switches to open doors for each other and activate the lift platform. Use the slide buttons and mirror box to redirect beams of light and activate the secret mechanisms of the Temple of Light. Help the fire boy and the water girl find the way and get out through the doors of each level. Be careful with green or dark liquids for both children. Water is harmful to Fire Boy and hot liquid red lava can harm Water Girl.


Arrow keys to control Fireboy
WASD to control Watergirl

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