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About : Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift is a unique and fun racing game for those who love speed and driving skills. In this game, you will play as a professional drift car racer, and your task is to make beautiful drift circles and score high scores. Jump on the car you like, increase the speed to the maximum and take the car on the slide, overcome the traffic and collect valuable points

The most interesting thing about Crazy Drift is its perfect drift feature. You will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of smooth and accurate drift racing, thanks to the unique physics system and beautiful visuals. Make driving a car a fun and challenging game.


Main features of the game Crazy Drift

The game offers 10 maps on a variety of environments.
Enjoy 10 exciting and exciting game modes.
Many cars with different parameters to choose from.
The game also provides motorcycle vehicles.
Experience the ultimate graphics and realistic driving mechanics.
Vehicle design: The developer has designed the car with high precision, detail and realistic physics.


WASD / arrow keys = drive
Space = handbrake
G = Slow-motion
L / K = headlights
Q / E / Z = indicators
H = horn
C = change camera view
B = look back
Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually

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