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Among Us is a Multiplayer Action game developed by Innersloth LLC. This game is a fun game filled with action and full of intrigue. Among Us is a multiplayer video game in which 15 players randomly find themselves in a spaceship or alien headquarters. Each player is assigned the role of either a crew member or an impostor.


Crew members can win by completing all missions or spot and vote for the impostor to leave the ship. A chat room with all players will appear after all the action, where they can discuss who they suspect is an impostor based on what they have seen in the game and hold a vote . When all crew members complete the mission or successfully vote for all impostors, the crew wins.

Impostors can use vandalism to create chaos, make killing easier, and have a better alibi. As an impostor, you have to wait in the dark and snoop on other players who have been notified. When a crew member passes by, you can jump out of your hiding place and kill them before they can report your identity. When the number of crew is reduced to match the number of impostors, the impostor will also win.


Players killed or ejected will become ghosts, these ghosts can still perform missions (Crews) or wreak havoc (Impostors) but cannot be seen by living players or interact.


Use Mouse to perform actions in the game.
Arrow keys or WASD to move.

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